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To say that birding has changed over the past 25 years is an understatement. Field guides, binoculars, scopes all have continually increased in number and quality. Add to that mix all of the electronic media - video, the web, apps, etc. - and today's birder has a vast array of resources, physical and virtual, tools to for improving their identification skills and keep track of their sightings. There are just a few of the virtual resources available to the 21st century birder.

General Sites
Birding on the Net Surf Birds
Identification Tools
Basic Online Tools
All About Birds Macauley Sound & Video Library (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
eNature What Bird Audubon Bird ID Backyard Bird IdentifierVisual Key
Mobile Apps
icon of iBird identification app iBird
The grandaddy of birding apps has come a long way since it first appeared. Includes drawings, pictures, sounds, range maps, background info and listing capabilities. [Apple, Android, Windows, Kindle]
icon of audubon bird identification app Audubon's Guide
Building on years of field guide experience Audubon has put together great apps with a social media component. [Apple]
icon of Peterson's guide to bird identificaiton app Peterson's Guide
A good birding resource for at home and in the field combining 10 Peterson Field Guides in an easy-to-use searchable format for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. [Apple]
icon for national geographic bird identification app National Geographic Guide
National Geographic Birds is a one-stop resource for any bird enthusiast. With more than 995 species and 3,000 gorgeous illustrations of birds of North America, this app is the most comprehensive birding guide on the market. Available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
icon for Sibley's bird identification app Sibley's Guide
Sibley has done a great job translating his classic guide to a mobile device. It provides the most variation in plumages and views of the birds. [Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows, Blackberry]
icon of birdjam app BirdJam
This program originated on the iPod as a way to play bird songs in the field. Now it includes pictures and basic identification information. You do need to purchase/have the Stoke's Guide to Bird Songs. [Apple]
Test Yourself
icon of Twitch a bird identification game app Twitch (Mobile App)
This is a fun, quick identification game that can keep you entertained while you are waiting for the weather to improve! [Apple]
Bird Brain ChallengeWhat's that Bird?Bird Song ChallengeNest ID
Locating and Recording Tools
icon for the birdseye birding spots finding app BirdsEye
This is an eBird app that helps you discover what birds are being seen where in an area. It's great for those who travel alot and want to find the birding hotspots in the area. [Apple]
icon for the birdlog observation app BirdLog
Easily keep track of sightings while in the field and then submit them to directly to eBird. [Apple, Android]
icon for the iNaturalist app iNaturalist (Link to the apps is in tiny print at the bottom of the page.)
This app isn't just for birds but all sort of identification challenges (flowers, insects, trees, etc.). Snap a picture, send it to the experts and get feedback. Also lets you keep lists. [Apple, Android]

eBirdNC Birding TrailNA Birding TrailsAudubon IBAs
Where do you want to bird?

Communication Tools
Discussion Lists
MAS-L (Local)carolinabirds (NC & SC)Birding on the Net: Regional Mail
Rare Bird Alerts
eBird alerts North American Rare Bird Alert
National Birding Hotline CooperativeBirding on the Net: Rare Bird Alerts
Audubon BirdscapesBill of the BirdsChip NotesChip NotesPeeps (ABA)
Round Robin (Cornell) Stokes Birding BlogBirding with Kenn & Kim
Sibley Guides
Meckbirds Audubon NC Cornell eBird American Birding Association
Don & Lillian Stokes Bird Watcher's Digest Kenn Kauffman David Sibley
American Ornithological UnionCarolina Bird ClubAmerican Bird Conservancy
Meckbirds Audubon NC Cornell Lab eBird American Birding Association
Don & Lillian Stokes Bird Watcher's DigestAmerican Bird Conservancy
Citizen Science Tools
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Projects
Great Backyard Bird Count
Project Feeder Watch
Nest Cams
Citizen Science
National AudubonAudubon NCCornell LabPeterson's GuidesBirdsEye Birding
Bird Watcher's DigestAmerican Birding AssociationBird ChickHawk Mountain
American Bird Conservancy
Gear Tips
What kind of optics should I buy?
Scopes: The Basics
Scopes: How to choose
Birder's binoculars
Which field guide is best?
Covers of three bird guides
Reference Sites
Birds of North America – the best single reference source (subscription required)
SORA (Searchable Ornithological Research Archive)
Tour Guides
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